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Manny arango

Manny Arango is a dynamic, passionate, hilarious, and profoundly deep communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


At age 13,

Manny preached his first sermon. It was at a juvenile detention center in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Since then, Manny has taught in England, Grenada, and even Hawaii.

In 2010, Manny graduated from Gordon College with a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. Shortly after, he was ordained at Jubliee Christian Church.

Manny is currently the Youth Pastor at World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, led by Pastor Andy Thompson. Manny spends his free time with his wife Tia, watching Netflix.

At age 28,

while attending a conference, Pastor John Gray sensed that there was something special in Manny. Here's what happened...


Talk Of The Town

Manny’s passion and creativity has made him one of the best youth pastors in the country. More than endorse him, I highly recommend him.
— Pastor Andy Thompson, Founder of World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, NC
Manny Arango is an innovative force. His insight and ability to make ancient truths of the word real and relevant to this emerging generation is beyond remarkable. I fully expect his voice to be heard around the world.
— Pastor Chris Hill, World Evangelist and Author
Manny is both gifted and annointed—a man of high character and integrity. He has a voice that speaks to a generation that is hungry for truth, power, and answers.
— Josh Carter, Speaker and Author
Every friend of mine needs to check out my buddy Pastor Emmanuel Arango’s website! This is a voice to our generation. One of the clearest communicators of the Gospel I have heard! Get him to your church!
— Pastor Zenzo Matoga, Senior Pastor of Impact Church, Medford, MA
I’ve know Manny for many years and can attest of his growth and character and he is easily one of the country’s top voices to the next generation. His heart, passion, wisdom, and refreshing humility are just a few things that set Manny apart and make him one of a kind. In my opinion...he is truly a cut above the rest of the pack
— Pastor Onterio Green, Young Adults Pastor of The Potter's House of Dallas
Manny Arango is leading a culture shifting movement in North Carolina. The young people in his ministry are breaking new ground, destroying social stigmas and bringing the message of Christ to their schools. Through his unique gifting people are encountering God in a fresh new way. Manny is a trailblazer for future young leaders.
— Pastor Brian Bullock, Worship Pastor of The Potter's House of Denver, Denver, CO
I recently had Manny minister at our annual Gathering Conference, a youth and young adult event. With his insight on scripture, energizing personality and humor, he made a long-lasting impact that echoes in our ministry even today. Gathering Conference would not have been the same without him! I still hear students talking about his message!
— Pastor Caleb Eaton, Youth and Young Adults Pastor of New Hope Chapel, Plymouth, MA
Pastor Manny has a unique voice filled with wisdom and insight well beyond his years, add that to his passion and it’s like fire and dynamite – EXPLOSIVE! He’s poised to set the world on fire!
— Rev. Adam Durso, Executive Director of LEAD NYC, NYC Mayor's Clergy Advisory Council, New York City
In today’s world we have a lot of youth preachers and not enough youth pastors. Manny is a world class youth pastor who happens to be one of the greatest youth communicators I have ever heard. A vital voice to his generation that I believe will make waves around the world. Manny loves Jesus, the local church, and every single human being he comes into contact too. A contagious leader you need to be around.
— Pastor Josh Kelly, Associate Pastor of Wave Church, Virginia Beach, VA
But if I say, “I will not mention His word or speak anymore in His name,” His word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot.
— Jeremiah 20:9